Colorado Pool Table Moving & Service​​

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** Belle's Billiards is a Colorado Pool Table moving & service company by appointment only **

Scheduling Your Pool Table Service

Calling for a Quote

When calling for a quote to move or service your pool table, we can offer the most accurate estimate with the following information: 

*What size is the table? 7ft 8ft 9ft
*What is the Brand or Manufacturer?
*Where is the table moving to and from?
*Will the table need new felt or cushions?
See more TOOLS toward bottom of page

Not sure? It may be helpful to text us a photo of the table.


Typically, the existing felt can be used again when re-assembled. If new felt and/or bumpers need replaced, additional costs will apply.
Feel free to ask questions when calling.

Services scheduled outside the 25 mile radius, entail a $1.50/mi charge. Any scheduled services outside 100 miles, entail a $100 charge in addition to mileage and the total of the service. Please ask for specific details.

What Makes Us Different?
  • We hire and train our own technicians. The owner and Master Technician are on every job site.​​

  • ​All necessary parts of your table are wrapped in moving blankets for protection and transported cautiously.
  • All staples are removed from the rails and slate backing-a tedious labor that others will often disregard. 
  • 17 years experience in the trade backed by multiple certifications and recognition, including antique & Chinese brand tables.

Our 3X Level Guarantee

When a level is required for a billiard service, we assure our 3x level guarantee.

*Table is leveled to the floor (twice)
*Slate is leveled to the cabinet
*Final ball roll to test any necessary adjustments

 Miscellaneous Helpful Tips​​

​​Know Your Pool Table

What Size is My Pool Table?

Pool tables are typically 7ft, 8ft or 9ft in size. Pool Table Size is measured from the Actual Playing Surface, and NOT the outter dimensions of the whole table itself. From the "short" end of the table (width) you will measure accross from the inner nose of the cushion, where the ball would bounce from (see the photo to the right). Do not measure under the cushion, or include the top of the cushion.  Simply inner nose to nose where the balls bounce off of the rails (cushions). The photo on the right shows 44" width. Once width is measured, the length is double that measurement. 
A standard 8ft table is 44"X88" 

Standard Room Size for Your Table

The image below can help determine if your game room allows enough playing space for the size of your table. This diagram shows the room size requirements to play comfortably with particular cue lengths and size of table.

NOTE: Although not as common, there are tables that are Oversize "Pro" 8ft tables with a playing area of 46"X92". 

Felt Color Chart​​